A Japanese illustrator and his trip to London

Ryo Takemasa is a young freelance illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan. I came across his colourful graphics a few weeks ago and I think it’s time to share them with you 🙂
His works are quite diverse and he seems to be inspired by everything he sees (even by an ordinary tomato, a bruised apple or a tram). However, today I would like to focus on his illustrations of London… which are pretty amazing if you ask me!

If you found this post interesting and want to see more Takemasa’s illustrations, visit his official website: ryotakemasa.com

‘City Silhouettes’ by Jasper James

There’s not much to say about this project, really. It is better to just look and admire this fantastic example of so-called double-exposure photography by a British artist, Jasper James. He combined two different layers – Asian city landscapes and onlookers’ silhouettes – to create very atmospheric and coherent images.
Here are my favourites:

For more Jasper James’ photographs and projects, visit his website:
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