A ride with Jesús Prudencio

The project that I am showing you today is addressed mostly to movie enthusiasts but given its originality I think that it may interest even those of you who have never seen these particular films.
Jesús Prudencio’s Cars and Films is a series of movie posters which present a given film by focusing on the vehicle that the main character is using throughout the story. It is quite surprising how characteristic some of these vehicles are and how much they are saying about the film, its atmosphere and even the plot.
Moreover, isn’t it good when a poster shows you something different than the main characters in those clichéd poses?


If you want to know more about Prudencio’s project, go to his official website!


A Japanese illustrator and his trip to London

Ryo Takemasa is a young freelance illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan. I came across his colourful graphics a few weeks ago and I think it’s time to share them with you 🙂
His works are quite diverse and he seems to be inspired by everything he sees (even by an ordinary tomato, a bruised apple or a tram). However, today I would like to focus on his illustrations of London… which are pretty amazing if you ask me!

If you found this post interesting and want to see more Takemasa’s illustrations, visit his official website: ryotakemasa.com

Yeah, New York! Yeah, Big Apple!

Have you ever tried typing “New York City” in Google Images? There are millions of photos, graphics, posters and drawings showing the Big Apple… a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to have a look at all of them! I think it’s a good thing, though, because whenever I google it I find something new and interesting. And I love looking at pictures from or about New York… and hoping that one day I will visit it myself  🙂
But for now I would like to present a little sequel to my post “Inspired by London” (if you missed it, you can find it here: https://acatastrophewaitress.wordpress.com/2013/04/26/inspired-by-london/) and show you how some artists and graphic designers see the biggest city in the USA:

Inspired by London

London is a very inspiring city and a capital of many things such as breakfast, luxury homes, banking, divorce, libel… etc. (more: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/shortcuts/2013/mar/10/london-capital-of-world-divorce-breakfast). No wonder, there are millions of beautiful photos of the city on the Internet and you’ve probably seen a lot of them already… but maybe you are not familiar with the graphics and posters inspired by England and its capital city: