The Chewing Gum Man of Muswell Hill

I usually describe here the artists that I found out about on the Internet… well, not today! Today I’m going to write about an artist that I found in London – lying on the Millennium Bridge and painting on the blobs of chewing gum, to be more precise.


photo by Antoni Osiejuk

Ben Wilson, or the Chewing Gum Man as he likes to introduce himself to the passers-by, is an English painter and sculptor. Painting the used chewing gums is not his only project – he created some wooden sculptural reliefs, a series of black and white graphics and oil pastel paintings which were exhibited in many countries around the world. However, it’s the idea of miniature paintings on the pavements and brigdes in London that made him quite famous.
Here are the ones that I noticed on the Millennium Bridge.


photo by Antoni Osiejuk


photo by Antoni Osiejuk


photo by Antoni Osiejuk

But if you look around London, and especially in Muswell Hill, you can come across some of these little pieces of art.



People and nature in Sara K. Byrne’s double exposure photography

After discovering Jasper James’ City Silhouettes, I am quite fascinated by double exposure photography and so I was checking out similar projects by other artists. That’s how I came across this ABSOLUTELY AMAZING series of double exposure photographs by Sara K. Byrne. 
Unlike James, who decided to juxtapose human silhouettes with big city landscapes, Byrne combined the portraits with the images of nature – colourful flowers, blooming trees and clouded sky. 
As you can see the atmosphere and the image of people and the world that Byrne is showing us is completely different from the one in James’ project. 
The question is: which one do you like better? 🙂

A ride with Jesús Prudencio

The project that I am showing you today is addressed mostly to movie enthusiasts but given its originality I think that it may interest even those of you who have never seen these particular films.
Jesús Prudencio’s Cars and Films is a series of movie posters which present a given film by focusing on the vehicle that the main character is using throughout the story. It is quite surprising how characteristic some of these vehicles are and how much they are saying about the film, its atmosphere and even the plot.
Moreover, isn’t it good when a poster shows you something different than the main characters in those clichéd poses?


If you want to know more about Prudencio’s project, go to his official website!

A handful of stair art ideas

After 5 months abroad I’m back in my own room… and I can’t wait to change something in it. I mean, of course, it’s great to get back to such a familiar place but a room where nothing has changed in 5 months? That can’t be! 
So I was searching for some inspirations on the Internet and I found these beautiful pictures of painted stairs. And no, I don’t have any stairs in my room… not even in my flat! I just have to show you some of these amazing ideas to make your hall unique.
Here they are:


If I have stairs in my future flat/house, I swear I will do something like that! 😀 And what do you think about it? 🙂

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Marion Bolognesi:(much) more than just a portrait

I’ve already mentioned my weakness for watercolour painting when I was posting about Elena Romanova (
Well, here it is again!
I fell in love with Marion Bolognesi’s works instantly. She has not only a great talent but also an incredible passion for painting which makes her works very expressive and unique. No wonder her works were exhibited all over the world and she was invited to collaborate with many other recognized artists.
More about Marion –>

Yeah, New York! Yeah, Big Apple!

Have you ever tried typing “New York City” in Google Images? There are millions of photos, graphics, posters and drawings showing the Big Apple… a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to have a look at all of them! I think it’s a good thing, though, because whenever I google it I find something new and interesting. And I love looking at pictures from or about New York… and hoping that one day I will visit it myself  🙂
But for now I would like to present a little sequel to my post “Inspired by London” (if you missed it, you can find it here: and show you how some artists and graphic designers see the biggest city in the USA:

‘City Silhouettes’ by Jasper James

There’s not much to say about this project, really. It is better to just look and admire this fantastic example of so-called double-exposure photography by a British artist, Jasper James. He combined two different layers – Asian city landscapes and onlookers’ silhouettes – to create very atmospheric and coherent images.
Here are my favourites:

For more Jasper James’ photographs and projects, visit his website:
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