A handful of stair art ideas

After 5 months abroad I’m back in my own room… and I can’t wait to change something in it. I mean, of course, it’s great to get back to such a familiar place but a room where nothing has changed in 5 months? That can’t be! 
So I was searching for some inspirations on the Internet and I found these beautiful pictures of painted stairs. And no, I don’t have any stairs in my room… not even in my flat! I just have to show you some of these amazing ideas to make your hall unique.
Here they are:


If I have stairs in my future flat/house, I swear I will do something like that! 😀 And what do you think about it? 🙂

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5 months of Belgian chocolate

My 5 months in Brussels as an Erasmus student came to an end. Of course, it’s great to be back home but I really liked living there… and that’s why I already miss it and I wish the student exchange lasted a bit longer. I figured that maybe writing a post about Brussels and the things I liked there will help me cope with this little sorrow and end this chapter of my life. And who knows? Maybe you will learn something new and interesting about this place? 🙂

First of all, I must mention Belgian chocolate! IT IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD! Just look at this window display:
Moreover, Belgian chocolate has therapeutic effect and can solve your problems 😉 
Thus, the only problem left is which kind of chocolate you should buy. In this case, free tasting turns out to be very helpful.
But if you have a sweet tooth (and I do!), this is just a beginning. You can’t visit Belgium and not taste Belgian waffles (preferably with ice cream and chocolate)
a huge meringue,
and a fruit tart.
After eating all these sweets, you’ll probably be thirsty. Well, it’s time for a famous Belgian beer then. There are over 200 kinds of beer in Belgium and they are all known for their great quality! The best and the most popular place to taste them is Delirium pub.
And what is the best way to burn all the calories from chocolate, waffles and beers? Walks! There is plenty of places you must see in Brussels:
the city centre with Grand Place, Royal Palace and many atmospheric squares,
(also at night)
the big and beautiful parks such as Parc de Leopold, Parc du Cinquantenaire or Bois de la Cambre,
and the European Parliament, of course!
You prefer cycling to walking? No problem! Renting a bicycle (Villo) is very cheap and there are cycle paths all over the city.
Finally, once you’re in Brussels, it is very easy to travel to other Belgian cities. There are many rail connections and the trains are fast and punctual.
It takes only 20 minutes to go to charming Leuven,
1 hour and 15 minutes to be in timeless Bruges,
and two hours to walk along the beach in Ostend.

Obviously, I chose only some of the advantages of living in Brussels… and my choice is very subjective.

Also, I’m not saying there is nothing annoying in this city – of course there is! Just try to get used to this:

But when I was sitting in my favourite Parc du Cinquantenaire, eating chocolat au lait and listening to the passers-by talking in French with the charming accent belge, I felt like it was the best place in the world. I will miss these moments very much!

If you ever have a chance to visit Belgium, do it! You won’t regret 🙂

Marion Bolognesi:(much) more than just a portrait

I’ve already mentioned my weakness for watercolour painting when I was posting about Elena Romanova (https://acatastrophewaitress.wordpress.com/2013/05/22/elena-romanovas-colourful-world/).
Well, here it is again!
I fell in love with Marion Bolognesi’s works instantly. She has not only a great talent but also an incredible passion for painting which makes her works very expressive and unique. No wonder her works were exhibited all over the world and she was invited to collaborate with many other recognized artists.
More about Marion –> http://www.marion-b.com/

A Japanese illustrator and his trip to London

Ryo Takemasa is a young freelance illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan. I came across his colourful graphics a few weeks ago and I think it’s time to share them with you 🙂
His works are quite diverse and he seems to be inspired by everything he sees (even by an ordinary tomato, a bruised apple or a tram). However, today I would like to focus on his illustrations of London… which are pretty amazing if you ask me!

If you found this post interesting and want to see more Takemasa’s illustrations, visit his official website: ryotakemasa.com

Yeah, New York! Yeah, Big Apple!

Have you ever tried typing “New York City” in Google Images? There are millions of photos, graphics, posters and drawings showing the Big Apple… a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to have a look at all of them! I think it’s a good thing, though, because whenever I google it I find something new and interesting. And I love looking at pictures from or about New York… and hoping that one day I will visit it myself  🙂
But for now I would like to present a little sequel to my post “Inspired by London” (if you missed it, you can find it here: https://acatastrophewaitress.wordpress.com/2013/04/26/inspired-by-london/) and show you how some artists and graphic designers see the biggest city in the USA:

Game of Thrones’ ugly girls

After having watched almost 3 seasons of Game of Thrones in less than a week, I can’t help posting something about the HBO’s TV series. So today I will show you some photos of two female characters who caught my attention – Osha and Brienne of Tarth.
They represent very different types of women. The first one is quite frumpy and savage while the second one is a female knight – tall and masculine. But they do have one thing in common – they definitely stand out from all the beautiful women and girls in the series.
Of course, I was curious how the actresses who play their roles look in real life and I googled them. That’s how I found some really nice photos of Natalia Tena and Gwendoline Christie: